On A Ship To Tarshish – RELEASE DATE JUNE 5TH

I am so excited about the June 5th public release of my new book, On A Ship To Tarshish.  Very simply this is a book about finding, knowing, and staying in the middle of God’s perfect will for your life.

 I wanted this to be a short, to-the-point, book that anybody could pick up and easily digest.  At 120 pages, the book is just that.  But don’t let the length fool you.  This book contains a very powerful and easy to use tool to discern God’s will for your life in any and all situations.  The insights are drawn directly from Scripture with the life of Jonah as the center piece of the journey.  

 The book will be available first to the membership of Grand Avenue Baptist Church on Sunday morning June 5th at a discounted rate.  The book will also be available from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and virtually all online retailers.  E-editions of the book will be released in a few short weeks for Kindle, Sony e-reader, Nook, etc.

Included here is a free preview from Chapter 1.

Tarshish Preview



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