The Coming Palestinian State

Reports have been circulating for the last few weeks that the United Nations is set to declare a Palestinian State in September of this year.  This would be the same kid of declaration that established Israel as a nation in 1948.  So what exactly does this mean?


  • It means that Israel may be more motivated than ever to negotiate with the Palestinians. If the United Nations unilaterally declares a Palestinian State apart from Israeli negotiations, then it will de-motivate the Palestinians to negotiate with Israel at all.
  • It means continued violence against Israel. Remember that the Palestinians hate Israel and want them eliminated.  If they can go around Israel to the United Nations to get what they want, then this will only embolden them against Israel. 
  • It means Israel will, overnight, be an occupier of a foreign nation.  This cannot, in any way, end well.
  • It means that the United States is at risk of becoming anti-Israel because we are supportive of this Palestinian State.


These are interesting days.  Read your Bible.  Watch Israel.  Pray.

 I am leading a pilgrimage to Israel this summer from July 25th – August 3rd.  Would you like to come with us?  Click here to see the details of the trip.  Only God knows what is in store for the future of the Holy Land.  This could be one of the last opportunities to visit Israel as we know it today.


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