Family Movie Night at the Crawford’s

Family movie night has returned to my home!  Last Christmas we purchased a new HD DVD player by Clear Play.  Clear Play is an amazing service.  They take movies ranging from new releases to those going back years and create filters for them.  The filters include everything from language to sex, nudity, blasphemy, gore, violence, etc.  Each of these categories can be set to various tolerance levels.  So watching a movie is as easy as downloading the filter pack onto a USB stick that plugs into the DVD player, popping in the DVD, and it’s show time!  Foul language just disappears as the words are seamlessly muted.  And scenes that you don’t want to watch just aren’t there.  It is similar to watching an “edited for TV” movie but better because YOU get to make the choice on what you want to see and hear.  As I said it’s amazing.  


It is not uncommon for there to be a rated R movie that is released that is a very good movie accept for the language or perhaps just one scene of nudity.  With Clear Play, the whole family can now watch the movie.  As a parent, how many times do you cringe as you watch what you had hoped would be a harmless PG-13 movie with your kids only to have coarse language just flowing into the living room?  It all goes away with Clear Play and you can actually relax and enjoy the movie.  Our kids love it because they get to pick the movie for Family Movie Night, whereas in the past Mom and Dad had to veto many of their choices.  


I give my 16 year old son, Garrett, credit for the addition of Clear Play to our home.  Garrett loves movies and is always asking to see this movie or that.  Trying to be good parents, we log onto Plugged-In Online (a free service of Focus on the Family that rates movies, etc. for content) and review the movie.  It seemed like more times than not we had to say “No.”  Garrett’s a great kid and never gave us grief about our decision.  But that set him on a mission.  He came to me one day and said, “Dad, I found something I want for my birthday.”  “What?” I asked.  “Clear Play,” was the answer.  I had never heard of Clear Play, but Garrett had found it on his own and done all the research.  And so that was that. 


Filter technology has actually been around for many years.  The first device our family purchased was the TVGuardian.  Developed by a man in Rogers, Arkansas, and sold through Wal-Mart, this nifty little box hooks right up to your television and blocks out all foul language.  It does this by scanning the closed captioning and then muting the TV when a bad word pops up.  Ingenious.  The Clear Play technology is DVD driven only but a powerful tool for families who want to watch movies together.  


Does this technology cost?  Yes it does.  After the purchase of the DVD player, Clear Play users subscribe to a monthly service for $7.99 which includes unlimited downloads of movie filters.  The current catalogue includes thousands of movies with more added every week.  Is it worth it?  Let me answer by asking another question:  What is your family worth to you?


One response to “Family Movie Night at the Crawford’s”

  1. Bill Newton says :

    Thanks for promoting this Jeff. We bought a TV guardian back in 2000 and still use it for TV shows and older movies (ones that are closed captioned). Now that many studios are getting away from CC on their DVD’s, we decided to buy a Clear Play back before Christmas. It is phenomenal! We greatly value ours too. Thanks again for sharing-and also for telling people about That site has saved me alot of money over the years. 🙂

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