Easter: Give and Go

Easter is just days away.  It is a unique, once a year opportunity, to reach out to family and friends who do not follow Jesus.  More people are open to going to church on Easter Sunday than any other day of the year.  It is critical that Christians seize this opportunity.

There are 340 million people in North America.  And 258 million of them are lost.  That is a staggering number.  It is an ugly number.  A number that should break us.  A number that should drive us to desperation.  Each and every one of us knows someone who is a part of that 258 million.  That means you have a special voice with that person that no one else has.  For all our efforts to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, we must be very, very serious about taking the gospel across the street.  We, Christians living in North America, are the most effective missionaries in North America.  We already know the language and the culture. No special training is required.  Just obedience to give and go.

On Easter Sunday Grand will collect a special offering called the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  One-hundred percent of this offering goes to missionaries in North America.  Last year Grand gave over $37,000 to this offering, more than any church in the State of Arkansas.  Why did we do this?  Because the need is great.  258 million people.  This is why we give.  And it is also why we go.  It is why we sent a team to Dallas this winter to share with refugees of Bhutan.  Dallas has the largest concentration of Bhutanese people in the world outside the country of Bhutan itself.  It is why we sent our teenagers to Mission Arlington in the D/FW metroplex for Spring Break.  It is why we are sending nearly 80 people to Wyoming this summer to work with the Arapaho Nation.  The Arapaho tribe is classified as an unreached people…right here in our own country.  It is why we are sending a team to Anchorage, Alaska, in September to help church planter, Brent Williams, with his new church, True North Church, the first successful SBC church in Anchorage in a generation.

If you are a member at Grand let me challenge you to give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering like never before.  Let me challenge you to go with us to one of these locations, right here in North America.

258 MILLION people.


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