Save Your Marriage, Go To Church


It has been said that Christians divorce at same rate as non-Christians.  I’ve heard this “statistic” quoted many, many times and it usually follows with claims that the church needs to do more to promote healthy marriages.  Let me say that one of the greatest things you can do to have a healthy marriage is actually go to church.  The problem with the Christian versus non-Christian divorce statistic is that it does not define what people mean when they claim to be Christians.  I have contended on this blog that the term Christian has lost virtually all meaning in USAmerica.  Just because someone claims to be a Christian or even a member of a church does not mean they follow Jesus or attend church on any kind of regular basis.  I am not a statistician, but a practitioner of the faith.  I can tell you that through my years of ministry experience that I see a direct correlation to marital satisfaction and church involvement.  In other words, the more a couple actually attends church (weekly versus once a month or only on holidays), gives to their church in money and time, and engages in healthy relationships with other Christians in the church, the healthier their marriage is and it is much less likely that couple will divorce.  I can also tell you from experience that the vast majority of “church members” who come to me for marital counseling are those who are nominally involved in church.  This is almost always the case.

Now research is revealing what I have experienced as a pastor.  Studies done at the University of Connecticut and at the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project indicate that devote believers in Christ have a markedly lower divorce rate.  To quantify it, “active conservative Protestants” are 35% less likely to divorce.  This is a HUGE difference.

I do quite a bit of pre-marital and marital counseling as part of my role as a pastor.  I tell couples that are thinking about marriage that the one thing they can do pre-marriage to lower their chance of divorce is to engage in pre-marital counseling.  The data backs this up.  I have been telling married couples for years that most important thing they can do to save and preserve their marriage is to dive into their church.  Now the data backs this up as well.

In an age when the importance of church and church membership is being diminished by our culture, it seems the church actually holds the key.

Want to save your marriage?  Go to church!



2 responses to “Save Your Marriage, Go To Church”

  1. Whitney says :

    I really like this post. I read something about this the other day and I’m glad that you’ve actually posted more facts. Thanks, Jeff!

  2. Rachel says :

    Great article! I think going to Church could solve a lot of other issues in our lives too!

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