A One World Economy?

I am teaching a study by Dr. David Jeremiah on Sunday evenings this winter and spring called The Coming Economic Armageddon.   It is an extremely thought provoking look at what the Bible has to say about the economic turmoil now facing our country and the world.  Because my mind has been attuned to all things “economic” as I am preparing this study, I am noticing certain items in the news that seem to be going unnoticed by most people.  Things that point clearly to a one world economy.  Three items from the last couple of weeks stick out:

  1. I have been hearing radio advertisements steering listeners to the website: http://www.endofamerica33.com for “important” information about our economy.  I usually ignore these kinds of things because I know they are trying to sell me something and in truth this one is no different.  However, I checked it out and the gist of the info is that the U.S. dollar is at risk of being usurped as the reserve currency of the world and what that will mean for you and me if that happens.  The author, in my estimation, is spot on with his assessment and Dr. Jeremiah speaks to this in his book as well.
  2. On January 14, 2011, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece called “Do You Need a Chinese Bank Account?”  For the first time China has opened up access to Americans converting U.S. dollars to the Chinese Yuan via two banks – in New York and in Los Angeles.  The article gives five compelling reasons why you might want to do this, one being a hedge against the U.S. dollar should it collapse.
  3. Yesterday it was announced that the New York Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse (the German stock exchange) are in “advanced discussions” of a possible merger.  Should this merger take place, it would do two things: 1) solidify the New York Stock Exchange as a European entity, and 2) give German stock holders majority control of what once was an American exchange.

All three of these very recent news items point to continued uncertainty regarding the American economy and the inevitability of a one world economy.  For years scholars have postulated as to the absence of America in biblical prophecy.  Could it be that America is absent because we will one day be economically irrelevant or part of a larger one world system?  And should the world fall into a one world economy, which I believe there is no doubt that this is where we are headed, then Revelation makes perfect sense.  We are told that one man will rise who will control that economy.  He is the antichrist and he will issue economic access to all bank accounts via a mark “so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark” (Rev. 13:17).

Should Christians be fearful?  Not really.  We should be more convinced than ever that the Bible is THE place to look for guidance in all things.  We should use biblical principles and wisdom to order our own finances.  And we should be excited as all of this points to the ever approaching return of Jesus.



2 responses to “A One World Economy?”

  1. Bertram says :

    I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for the “EndOfAmerica33” video. This is a very thought invoking topic, and an excellent article! I really appreciate your point of view and I plan to frequent your blog. I look forward to your upcoming posts Dr. Crawford, thanks for sharing!
    P.S. I subscribed!

  2. richard says :

    Amen brother,

    I agree with you completely, and I long for the return of Christ. I think as Christians we should consider what we are doing in this life to glorify God. I know Jesus didn’t want us to live in ignorance, but to be aware of the signs of his coming. He is not slack concerning his promises, but rather merciful that as many as will come to him should be saved. It is my prayer that I will remain patient until his return and not grow weary of doing good. I pray for the saints to be strong until the end and for the lost that truth would be revealed to them. As Christians let us live by faith in the face of difficulties!

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