Random Thoughts on a Snow Day

My phone rang at 6:04 a.m. this morning with a recorded message from the school district announcing that school was closed – SNOW DAY!  By 7:15 a.m. I had made the call to close our church offices and to cancel all activities for the day.  We are officially hunkered down at my house.

Snow days are special.  For most people it means a chance to slow down and turn off.  God ordered our world so that we would have a day like this every week. It’s called Sabbath.  Unfortunately, most people never truly “turn-off” in the way God intended.  Our world is a busy place and the 24/7 nature of our culture makes “time out” nearly impossible.  But Snow Days are sort of like a forced Sabbath.  The streets will be empty.  The stores, restaurants, and other public places will be sparsely visited.  Most people will just stay home and…relax.  I’ve only received one email today, unheard of on any other Tuesday.

So what am I doing today?  Yep, I have a log on the fire, my Kindle charged up, and the Wii is going in the background.  I read the paper this morning and drank a hot chocolate, slowly.  My mind has also been wandering in and out of various random thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about…

  • Egypt.  It’s hard to miss the media coverage on this one.  The world is changing on our television screens.  I fear for Christians in Egypt.  I am concerned that Egypt will become a radical Islamic state and a huge threat to Israel.  I am very concerned that the United States will position itself to abandon Israel in her moment of greatest need.  The precursor to the events of Ezekiel 38-39 seem to be unfolding before our eyes.  Today, I have prayed for Israel.
  • My Dad.  Just over halfway through his radio/chemo treatments for cancer, he had to suspend treatment due to severe side effects.  I have never seen my Dad in such discomfort and pain over an extended time before.  I feel helpless to help him.  So today, I prayed for my Dad.
  • My church.  I just hit the five-year mark as the lead pastor of Grand.  What an awesome church.  Any church is defined by its people, so when I say “what an awesome church” what I’m really saying is “what awesome people.”  God has been so good to my family these past five years and so good to our church.  We are poised for something great in 2011.  In fact, our Board and pastoral staff have been talking, planning, and dreaming about something so big that it would fundamentally change the landscape of our church.  This is bigger than me or any one person.  So today, I prayed for my church.
  • Things I want to do today.  I don’t get a gift like this often, a day to just…well, do whatever.  There’s some reading I want to do.  I want to play Settlers of Catan with my kids.  I want to play Donkey Kong Country with Grayson on the Wii.  I want to watch a family movie and eat popcorn.  I probably won’t get it all done but that’s okay.  It will snow again some day:)

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