Random Act of Culture? Or Something More?

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My worship pastor, Keith Clutts, sent me this video yesterday. I had heard about the Hallelujah Chorus being performed at Macy’s in Philadelphia but had not seen it myself. The event happened on Saturday, October 30th, and to date over 3 million people have viewed the video on YouTube.

The whole thing was secretly put together by the Knight Foundation in conjunction with the Opera Company of Philadelphia. Honestly, this is one of the more amazing displays of the coming together of the secular and the sacred I have ever seen. Just watch the video…you will see hundreds of people join with the incognito choir to sing “Hallelujah!” Total strangers, most of them non-Christians, singing loudly and boldly that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Simply Amazing.

The Knight Foundation called the event a Random Act of Culture. I could not help but think that this is what the Church is called to do. Taking the sacred into the secular. Shaping the culture instead of bending to it. Getting outside the walls of the church building and lifting up Jesus in places that are culturally “off-limits” for Him to go.

In our country today, where attempts are made to push Christ out of Christmas and where we cower to Islamic intimidation and political correctness, to see how this Random Act of Culture was received is moving and should be motivating for us Christians.

This is what we need more of, not Random Acts of Culture, but Intentional Acts of Christianity.


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