Family Time

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USAToday had a graphic in their paper a couple of weeks ago that represents a cultural gauge to which the church needs to pay attention. In a survey of over 1000 adults, the question was asked about which day of the week was the best for “family-time.”

Monday – 2%

Tuesday – 1%

Wednesday 2%

Thursday – 1%

Friday – 4%

Saturday – 38%

Sunday – 52%

For families that value “family-time” clearly Sunday is the target day. This has implications, I think, for how churches approach outreach and programming. The church, of all places, should be a place where the family can be together as the family. At the same time, the church needs to be offering spiritual growth and discipleship targeted for the whole family. The church needs to be strong from birth through senior adults. Churches also need to be very careful that they do not “steal” the whole day from families by programming away the entire day. Perhaps this partially explains the massive decline in Sunday night worship attendance…for churches that still endeavor to offer Sunday night church.

Much food for thought here in these numbers…


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