The Cross, the Constitution, and a Crime

A seven-foot tall steel cross stands tall in the Mojave Desert serving as a memorial to American war veterans. Or I suppose I should say it “stood.” The veteran’s war memorial cross had been in place since 1934. After winning a legal challenge to the Constitutionality of the cross that went all the way to the Supreme Court two weeks ago, the cross has now been stolen by vandals. What opponents could not do legally they have now done illegally and by stealth.

I’m not sure if you saw the news of the cross’s theft or not. It hasn’t really made many media outlets in a front-page manner. But I do wonder…had this been a Muslim Crescent that had been stolen, would we be hearing more? It was just within the last two weeks that we heard quite a lot about the death threats being leveled against the creators of the adult cartoon, Southpark, because they had portrayed the prophet Muhammad in a bear costume (the same cartoon also portrayed Jesus). Some stations even refused to air the episode. The whole affair got lots of media attention. We seem to have a great tolerance in our country for Christianity bashing, but not much stomach for any other kind of bashing.

Oh, the private caretakers of the cross-war memorial say they will replace the cross with a new one.


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