Drew Brees Talks About Faith in Christ

This is a GREAT interview with Drew Brees, quarterback of the Super Bowl bound, New Orleans Saints.

On February 7th, I’m a Saints fan!

One response to “Drew Brees Talks About Faith in Christ”

  1. Sabio Lantz says :

    OK, I’m sure I am stepping on a beehive here, by criticizing the pop, sports celebrity. But I found this video nauseating. Drew Brees is preaching a version of the prosperity gospel here. His talk is full of common cultural quips. He says:“Everything happens for a reason.”“Everything works toward the greater good.”“Everything is a gift from God.”“No matter what comes in your way, you will be able to overcome it.”“God has it all planned out for ya.”“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything !”“If you do things the right way, good things will happen to you.”“Actions speak louder than words.”Everything he says is wrong except the last sentence. So, if it is his good actions that people admire, I get that, but should we be so uncritical to accept all the rest?

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