Mission Tanzania – Day 1

It is Wednesday and our team made it to Tanzania right on schedule without any problem!

We arrived last night (about noon Arkansas time) and Scott Ward was there to meet us. I changed about $2000 for 2 million Tanzanian Shillings. I am now for the first, and probably only, time in my life a millionaire!

We spent the night about 15 minutes from the airport at the Kiriwe Hotel (see pic). Scott arranged for a great dinner of chicken and “chips” to be brought to our room. We had good evening eating and talking to Scott before turning in. I was reminded this morning that I was in a very different country when I was awakened at 4:45 AM by the Islamic clarion call to prayer.

We rested well but our body clocks are all out of whack. We had nice breakfast at the hotel before heading out to Same where Scott and Jennifer live. We stopped in Moshi on the way so Scott could hit a couple of markets. The main road through Tanzania that we traveled on is very hazardous and FULL of people and vehicles. Everywhere we look it is obvious we are in a third world country – poverty abounds. We have checked into the Elephant Hotel and are now at Scott and Jennifer’s getting ready for lunch. Our local pastor, Fanuel, is going to be here in about an hour and we will talk strategy for the week and then go do some prayer walking this afternoon. We hit it had tomorrow.

Thanks for ALL your prayers that helped carry us 10,000 miles from home safely. Keep praying and checking back for more updates.



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