Mission Tanzania

Monday morning our team (Joey Cornell, me, Jeff Carnell, and Richard Gunselman) head to Tanzania Africa. Our itinerary has us flying down to Dallas/Fort Worth to catch a flight to Amsterdam. After the 9 1/2 hour flight, we will have a 3 hour layover before the 8 1/2 hour flight to Tanzania. Tanzania is 8 hours ahead of Arkansas time so we should arrive at 11:45 am on Tuesday for you folks at home. That will be 7:45 pm local Tanzania time.

Scott Ward, our missionary on site, will be at the airport to pick us up and get us settled. Our plan is to spend the night at a hotel close to the airport (travel after dark is not encouraged) and to make the 2 hour drive to Same (where the Wards live) the next morning. We will spend Wednesday getting settled in our base hotel (The Elephant Hotel), meeting the local pastor named Fanuel, and getting oriented to the area in preparation for ministry.

I will hope to update this blog sometime on Wednesday to let everyone know we have arrived and are good to go. We covet your prayers for safety, good rest, health, and the work of spreading the Gospel in the Pare mountain region.

The Pare people are classified as an unreached people group. This is “ends of the earth” mission work. FBC Fort Smith has already sent two other mission teams to help the Wards this summer. GABC and FBC are working closely together to piggy-back on each others work. A new church in Mwembe has already sprung up! Exciting things are happening and the Holy Spirit is moving. Scott andd Jennifer Ward have given their lives to this ministry and we want to do what we can to support them and the work of the mission.

So please PRAY and check back soon for more updates!



One response to “Mission Tanzania”

  1. Jeff Thompson says :

    Jeff we are praying for you and the team. God is doing great things among the Pare People. Isaiah 52:7

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